We’ve moved over to our new site! mams-gaming.com

MAMS Gaming is an independent gaming group hosting events at Gen Con since 2012. It was founded with the goal of providing good, under served games with a consistently good experience for players at the convention.

We’re starting to plan for Gen Con 2016, with more GMs and more RPGs. Take a look at our Gen Con Modules for what we already have planned. As we know more, we’ll post it.

And, because we like math, our 2015 data:

* No. of Players: 173/192
* No. of GMs: 9
* Attendance: 90.1%
* No. of Events: 30 Tables
* No. of Systems: 6

If you have played one our events in past years, please let us know how your experience went by posting in the module log. If you have any other comments, questions, etc., please feel free to us the forum.

If you are interested in updates from us, please fan or request to be a player on this site. We will make announcements here for forwarding.

Good gaming!

Matt & Mike
MAMS Gaming