Tino M.

Game Master


Outbreak: Undead and Outbreak: Deep Space Game Master. Author of Outbreak: Undead – Camp Dire, Outbreak: Deep Space – The Flight of Erebus, and Outbreak: Deep Space – The Thing In The Ice.


I have been running Outbreak: Undead and Outbreak: Deep Space at Gen Con since 2013. I was a beta test for Outbreak: Deep Space and now Outbreak: Undead second edition as well as contributing material for the second edition core system.

As a GM I like to focus on story telling that involves mystery and detailed background stories for the template characters and NPCs I use in my scenarios. I prefer and encourage role playing and have been known to reward great dialogue and descriptions with bonuses on skill checks. I put a lot of effort into establishing a specific mood and atmosphere for the setting of the scenarios. I want the players at my tables to feel completely immersed in the game. I believe a GM well versed in the game system and passionate about the story he is weaving can make for an incredible gaming experience.

Tino M.

MAMS Gaming citizenvain